Cupex 2008
2008.10.11 00:35:55

Last weekend inbetween visiting friends and doing the pumpkin patch rounds with my family I found some time to visit Cupex. As I had never paid much attention to local philatelic events this was my first. The show was in Urbana, Illinois. At the door Peter Michalove greeted me. Besides attending the show, I really wanted to meet him because of his collecting interest.

He had two panels of philatelic delight: Covers and postal stationary of the 1901 issue interior and exterior stamps. Opening up with a beatiful Paquebot on cover, the display went through the usage of stamps and postal rates of the time. Interestingly, there were covers used inland with exterior stamps and vice versa. From the postal rates, I earned something new: the littoral rate. Some of you may already know but it was a first for me. The littoral postage rate was used for postage carried in the seashore from one city to another. If I remember correctly, the rate was half of the inland rate. There are many other interesting finds in Peter's covers. Specially, one with the talismanic number 1248 [[Beduh]] was an interesting one to see.

Unfortunately, I've spent a lot of time in front of Peter's display and didn't get to see the rest of the show. Next time I've got to spare more time...

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