12-16Our Local Dishes themed souvenir sheet with additional value was put up for sale with the values of 50+10 Krş, 1 TL+10 Krş, 1 TL+10 Krş, 2 TL+10 Krş - TL on 16.08.2012. FDC for the souvenir sheet was put up for sale with the value of 5,50 TL as limited with the number of subscribers at the central post offices and on www.filateli.gov.tr.

A first day postmark with the text of "Yöresel Yemeklerimiz-Karadeniz 16.08.2012 ANKARA" will be used on the date of sale of above mentioned philatelic items in the philately booth at the address of Ulus PTT Merkezi Müdürlüğü, Ulus ANKARA.