To commemorate 100th Year of İ.E.L. Sakarya Scouting Group, the special date postmark with text of İ.E.L. Sakarya İzci Grubunun 100. Yılı 19.02.2012 İstanbul will be used on 19.02.2012 at the address Istanbul Lisesi, Turkocagi Street, No:4 Cagaloglu-Istanbul.


The commemorative set with theme of İstanbul 2012 European Capital of Sports with the values 50 Krş, 1.00 TL, 1.00 TL and 2.00 TL and the FDC with price of 5.00 TL will be put up for sale in all post offices on 15.02.2012. FDC is limited with the subscriber quantity.

At the same date, the first day postmark with text of İstanbul 2012 Avrupa Spor Başkenti 15.02.2012 İSTANBUL will be used at the address Sirkeci Central Post Office - İstanbul.