Woman in Green Dress, Mrs. Vicdan Moralı’s Portrait
İbrahim Çallı - Woman in Green Dress, Mrs. Vicdan Moralı’s Portrait

Roumenian Post, 1971, Maxicard

İbrahim Çallı (1882, Çal - 1960, İstanbul) was a Turkish painter.  

In this painting, Princess Vicdan Halim Morali (1897-1966 - great granddaughter of renegade Ottoman general and later Egypt's ruler, Muhammad Ali of Egypt) is sitting on an Edirne-style couch in her villa in Moda, Istanbul. On the Edirne-style coffee table to the left  of the couch, pink roses in a Beykoz blue opaline glass vase are seen. On the wall to the left is an Edirne style turban shelf with a porcelain plate. And on the right is a gilded frame with a sülüs style writing "And mâ tevfîki illâ billâ" (only with His help). Wearing a yellow silk shalvar with three gold embroidered green skirts, diamond earrings and the yellow flower emboidered headdress the princess draws immediate attention.